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sohrab 10-28-2004 04:04 PM

Re: James Nachtwey
by the way if i reacted a little too strongly
im sorry . blame the young blood in me hehe :)
it's just my own opinion.....
i didnt imply that darren and luko are wrong, but it's really pi**ing off to see most people feel that way.
and then we all crib about how the world is going down the dumps. it seems very hypocritical to me ( im talking about in general. im not referring to anybody here , so i hope im not misunderstood)
and honestly i dont wanna just be a talker, i want to do something about it, and thats why his work means so much to me.
maciej i have a feeling this forum is soon gonna be flooded with messages telling us, especially me to shut up . hehe
good thing i have my exams to run off to :)
how's the photography in wales

Proxilva 10-28-2004 05:11 PM

Re: James Nachtwey
noo Sohrab, i don't wanna tell you to shut up...

Too me Nachtwey is certainly not a top photographer... althought i admire his guts very much...
he makes some strong photographs because he comes at places where no one else comes and where definatly is something going on....
but in my opinion he's too much documentating than 'telling' the story...I believe a photgraph has to tell the story a photoographer has in his mind and not reversed...

I just don't see how a person shooting on motodrive can be called an excellent photographer...

sooo sohrab: Shut up and learn your exams ;D!!!
aaah damn!!! and I did promis not to tell you that

maciekda 10-28-2004 05:26 PM

Re: James Nachtwey
>I just don't see how a person shooting on motodrive can be called an excellent >photographer...

Jorrit, what do you mean here? i simply don't understand it, an explanation please ;)

sohrab 10-28-2004 05:30 PM

Re: James Nachtwey
i knew it!!!!!!!!! :)
"yeah probably you're right, anyone who was in his place could have taken such powerful photographs" :)

dont mind the sarcasm up there :)

Bogdan 10-28-2004 05:39 PM

James Nachtwey
I do not consider him as one of the best photographers, but one of the best story tellers. I don't agree with you, Jorrit. He does tell stories rather than documentary work in my oppinion. As for shooting on motordrive, i guess it's more effective than composing, thinking it -- in his sittuation. I wonder he didn't get hurt or something.
Jorrit, i have the film olso, but it's an ogm file, and i can't read it in any!


Bogdan 10-28-2004 05:42 PM

more of this

see his photos, and then browse the others.


Luko 10-28-2004 05:46 PM

Nachtwey, the philantropist (1)
Sorhab and Maciek,

I suspect you're not familiar enough with other photographers work, in my example I deliberately chose Salgado & McCullin as opposed to Nachtwey why?
- Salgado also shoots difficult human causes, however and thanks to his economist background he advocates these causes with the help of a consistent message which I do not read in Nachtwey's work.
- Don MacCullin was the big name amongst war photographers a long time before Nachtwey. At some time, his manhood took over his photographying side, he decided he could not shoot these scenes anymore and went away. He now shoots landscapes or charities, an old coward or more wisdom would you think?

Photographers are human beings, photographies are things, can you feel the difference? We all have seen the most terrible Auschwitz photos, though no one of us could remember their photographers, it doesn't matter though.
Some photos are there to remind us facts: they're reporting reality and they don't need to be arty or whatsoever, anyone can take them it needs to be there.
"Photographers" such as Magnum's seldom make such photos, they're more to let us feel in depth stories in the long term, make us understand and thus will avoid immediate shock photos. (That's where I think Maciek, you sometimes mismatched the reporter and the photographer, you need to understand what his going on).

I think you have to cool down on what you think photography is. If you REALLY want to make your living out of it I'd suggest you take marriage photography, this is the shortest way to it.

You can also ask yourself what Nachtwey brought to photography :
- did he bring a new view to photography? I would be tempted to say no, it's a mix of different Magnum photographers with no distinctive touch. You can recognize Salgado, Towell, HCB, McCullin, Depardon and many others at first look. I can't with Nachtwey except that his shots would be more "extreme" : more blood, more torn limbs, more dead people... The thing in fact I don't like with him is that he started a sort of rat race, a competition or a circus in PJ to who'll be the grungiest goriest...
- I've read somewhere the word "cause" associated with Nachtwey, can one of you elaborate in more than 3 lines in a sort that I don't LOL at you...

Luko 10-28-2004 05:47 PM

Re: Nachtwey, the philantropist (2)
“Nachtwey has far stronger shots with a longer lasting impression than any of bresson's”

Even though I might be quite partial when it comes to HCB, that kind of reply of makes me think you seriously need to enter museums and exhibs, look at photographers… then take the time to read Barthes, Sontag and many people who thought what photography is all about... Looks like you've got ants in your pants, but I think it would rather help you to know a little more about photo before working out with your finger only. I can’t let you write that the world is made out of people who act only and others who read only as you pretend, if not I could as artificially split it in people who think a bit about what they do, others that simply don’t have a clue about … if you see what I mean... But after all why not, as an all time Jimi Hendrix fan I’ve also talked to younger people who thought that the Guns’n’Roses guitarist wrote the guitar book… hehehe…

(Funny how young people are so conservative and how they can't see the touch of anarchy into HCB...)

Luko 10-28-2004 05:49 PM

Re: James Nachtwey
one of the best story tellers.

oh yeah? short stories then... His "Inferno" story didn't struck my mind then :)))...

btw, did you read Workers or Terra, Bogdan?

Bogdan 10-28-2004 05:53 PM

Workers or Terra
no, my me to it. I just started photography. I've studied birdwatching for 10-11 years..
I remember JN asking himself is he was 'a vampire with a camera'..that stuck to my mind. Please direct me to things to see and to learn, my friend.


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