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PixelTerror 11-15-2005 10:32 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
Hi all,
I have to say I'm a bit upset.
I signed here to learn about the world through photography (an exciting program !) and day after day it seems to me TE is becoming a big photographic garbage bin, where everybody feels the need to post dogz, catz, kiddies on the beach, heavily PPed photos, flower & insect macros, tilted horrors, noteless blurred stuff and so on, I won't name examples by the URL, you probably know them.
Now why do I raise this highly polemic topic in the forum ?
Because I want it to stop, I want TL minded people to go back to TL, Flower macro fans to post on TN, people to write notes with their photos...
And now the big challenge to you all dear friends and readers, who will find the ultimate idea we could suggest to Adam to achieve this ???
Debate is open and please DO NOT pollute it with hopeless points and smileys discussions.
Thanks for being constructive,

Homerhomer 11-15-2005 10:40 PM

Re: "Learn about the world through photography"
guilthy as charged.

However like it or not this site has became more photographic than learning about the world.

How to fix it, simple.

1) Convince Adam to actually listen to suggestions
2) Delete all photos that don't adhere to the TOS (probably more than 50%)
3) Delete all photos without notes.
4) Shut the door, because if poeple who are mostly interested in photography leave this site will be full of pictures nobody looks at.


Galeota 11-15-2005 10:46 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
Yes Jean Yves, not only I do entirely agree with you, but I also plead guilty of posting bizarre slices of time that won’t really help you in any way suring your next stay in Geneva. As far as I’m concerned, this site wouldn’t be so popular if its only aim was “learning about the world through photography”. As you know, it goes far beyond the original purpose stated in the TOS. Apply the rules with a Biblical severity and you’ll have a perfect Travel guide, but I’m really not sure you’d have such an high standard of photographs posted everyday. Let it flow. Just a guess.

PixelTerror 11-15-2005 10:50 PM

Re: "Learn about the world through photography"
Thanks for your input Peter I'd like to remind everybody that every photo that does not have a "Learn about the world" dimension does not comply with the ToS point 8.
About your 4th suggestion I somehow have the weakness to believe some people are still interested in both aspects, and I know a number of posters here who deliver this vision with each post. Being a creative photographer is imho not in contradiction with wanting to learn or teach about the world.

PixelTerror 11-15-2005 10:54 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
I'm not even that integrist Gal, but when I see people post photos of beer cans or blurred nonsense I have to shout.
A piece of life in a Geneva street or audacious hospital design are fine for me ;-)

Didi 11-15-2005 10:56 PM

Hé hé !
Ca c'est la colère du pixel qui sème la terreur !
Salut Jean-Yves j'applaudis cette initiative.

bibiweb 11-15-2005 11:01 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
A piece of life in a Geneva street or audacious hospital design are fine for me
... especially if they are accompagnied by an appropriate note!

I agree with your remarks Jean-Yves even if, once in a while I'm also guilty of either posting or giving points to a non TOS-compliant photo. Perhaps the place to start is by using the "Report Violation" option more often. I must admit I've never used it until now, but maybe if I did, and if we all did, the photos you mention would be removed.

mlopes 11-15-2005 11:11 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
As for me, I try to go for the better of both worlds, trying to be creative with the photos and still showing and teaching something about the world in each one of them... i may fail from time to time, if that happens just slap me! This is what i try to do, this is what i like to see.

The detail that i wanted most to see improved is the notes, i really have fun reading them, i learn lots of stuff from diferent places, cultures, events. A photo with no notes is like a garden with no flowers or a woman with no ... (AHHHH caught you!!!)

I like TE for what it is, for it's core members and friendly athmosphere, i enjoy seeing a new member improve with the time, i loveeeeee to see first photos from older members, but i must agree with Jean when i see Beer Cans i just don't get it... there's always space to improve... and the notes are a "must" to me.

PixelTerror 11-15-2005 11:13 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
Brigitte the Tos Violation is a possibility but not the ultimate weapon, because the ToS leave some room for interpretation, for example I believe a photo of a St Bernard dog with all the historical background in the note would pass the ToS check, while a "My cat Fluffy" one would not, a girlfriend/boyfriend shot would pass it too if the note says it's the typical smile of a Polish, Colombian or Thai woman/man and mentions nothing about her girlfiend/boyfriend status.
Also there is no ToS Violation transparency, once you report a photo you don't know waht happens, sometimes the photo disappears from the gallery, sometimes not. Maybe an idea would be to create a folder will all removed ToS violating photos with the removal reason but not the poster name, so people could make their mind about waht is possible and what not.

PixelTerror 11-15-2005 11:21 PM

"Learn about the world through photography" they said...
I strongly support that point Mario, notes are essential (and too often neglected)

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