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KevRyan 03-10-2005 12:11 AM

To Paker: Amber Spinner
I know Krzysztof! an artist I always find it interesting how people define/use the word quaility - the quality of an image or in the plural - the qualities of an image - very different! Thanks for commenting!

best wishes


Paker 03-10-2005 02:10 AM

Re: To Paker: Amber Spinner
Hi - I thought about your reply for a while, read your note once again and tried to understand you :-). I think you did what you could with the equipment you had. As for quality or qualities of pictures... yeah, i agree that there are more levels to it than just one.

Of course I was talking about the technical quality of this picture which overshadows the artistic quality (the women's gaze, colors, composition etc.) Personally, I believe that pictures should have the technical qualities as it reflects the photographers knowledge and understanding of the equipment (the camera) he is using. That's a skill in itself and I think it should be respected when taking a picture. Artistic qualities (composition, theme, angles etc.) is a completely different matter and I think the stretch is much much wider. That's why pictures are so amazing.....

KevRyan 03-10-2005 02:27 AM

Re: To Paker: Amber Spinner
Hi - I agree with you to a degree (almost wholely) - it depends upon the purpose a photo is to be used for or the intention and preoccupation of the photographer - there are great photographers who deliberately utilise low tech equipment and poor image quality and others who combine their creative gifts and development with technical skill to a high degree - and there are others who don't experiment too much but produce otherwise technically perfect work - I think photography is a broad church - I admire good technical photographers - the 'perfect' image makers - but personally - after a while - find it a bit like going to the market and always finding perfect vegetables - I like more variety in my photography. Here I admire the efforts people make whatever their technical ability and the things people show about where they have been, live or have travelled through (the real purpose of TE) - there are many reasons for liking photographs here. If I make photos for an exhibition then I have a different set of criteria to base my choices and work on, if it's for a fast turn around magazine in print or on the web it's different again. If I'm running photography work with kids or doing commissioned work to produce a specific image for something or other my approach is very different.

However, you are absolutely right in terms of learning whatever you need to know in order to take the photographs you want - in some ways I am very satisfied in this way but......a big but .......there is still a whole world to learn!

Thanks for taking the time to communicate your thoughts on this - much appreciated!



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