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ChrisJ 07-03-2019 10:35 AM

To holmertz: Not crowded.
Hi Gert

There were only 8 on the yacht I took for 4 days. Plus 2 crew doing the cooking/ steering. 3 South Africans, 3 Australians, a European & me. Not at all crowded. But yes the daytrips are crammed in like sardines. I did a daytrip to 12 islands from Fethiye. Lots of swimming and photos so I was happy. The thing is with these 3 nights on a yacht is that it's hit and miss if you get good people or annoying people. I got good people. But my bus from Cappadocia to Nemrut had an annoying American woman who switched off the air con in the bus because she didn't like it blowing on her hair, even though it was 40c. And she whined about a fly in her room and no electricity at Nemrut. Everyone had a fly or 2 as all the windows were open, and there was no electricity for 30 minutes. Sometimes a polite request to a hotel manager gets better results. Plus she kept wandering in front of my camera unannounced. I was glad to leave the tour in Sanliurfa.

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