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Default Re: Photography & reality III

2.) Can photography cement or depict the nature of an abstract concept, Plato’s reality of forms?

An associated question would be to determine if a photograph can depict the photographer’s subjective impressions. Or perhaps a photograph doesn’t depict anything BUT the photographer’s subjective impressions…

A photographer thinks about composition, he has to decide on how to present meaningful subject matter, he has to exhibit creative flair, to determine the use of light, to input a personal content in his photograph to bring it to life. Doesn’t this means that the character and feelings of the photographer become the soul of the chosen subject? Could we say that the subject, therefore, has no real consistency out of the photographer’s mind, and would just be a completely different subject under a different photographer’s POV?

3.)Can photographs be understood, or in other words can photographs carry a meaning within themselves and therefore engender understanding?

This is a question to which Susan Sontag, in her book “On photography” answers “No”. A photograph, unlike a written text (or not related to a specific written text) can be interpreted, but not necessarily understood. Ah, this is not so easy. Some others state that a written text, at least in a natural language and not a formal one, can only be also interpreted and therefore doesn’t engender understanding much more than a photograph or any other type of human sensitive expression, be it art or any other sort of communication channel.

So, are we depending on the subject or on our pre-conceived knowledge to interpret? Let’s make it more difficult. Are there very good photographers or just very good subjects (stating the fact that a subject is unique and just has to be “found” in its singularity)?


No… I didn’t intend to f* up your weekend with a painful home work. Just thought it would be nice to kick your brains a bit. Now, put your camera down and use your imagination. Take it as a Christmas gift ;o))
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