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Default Re: Photography & reality III

Hi Gal,

It's now the second or third time I am reading you post here and because no one has answered to this heavy stuff, I will leave some words here.

Question 2: My answer is "No". You should bear in mind that I follow this hobby for the last 4 month so all of you enjying the fotography for the last 15 years more or less constantly will probably have some different oppinions with perhaps more insides.
Let's see. If I'm not mistaken Plato is the one who had drawn this scenario in a cave. A group of people living their whole life in the cave. The cave has only one small opening somewhere in the top of the cave where no one can reach it. All what the people in the cave can see from the world outside are shadows on the cave wall. So they think the shadows are the reallity. I may be mistaken here but I hope I'm heading the right directions with this story.
And your question as I understand it, is "can the photography be used to proove this theory". To undermine it. At least that's how I understand it.
And I think, that's not the case because even if we see not the reallity then we would only photopraph the "non-reallity" and there is no advantage the photography give us, that help us to evaluate if it's the reallity or not.
To your question 2a: Yes a photo can depict a photopraphers impression, not 100% but sometimes with a good chance to create such an impression. You propose the possibility that a photograph depict only the photographers impression. That's surely an interesting thought but I have a hard time to give this a long consideration. Let's look at a photo of a shoe. I predict that 98% of the people looking at the photo will see a shoe. Yes it's dangerous to be that exact and some will perhaps come up with some tests made that proove that my prediction is faults but I can't believe it anyway. I'm not talking about feelings here, only what someone see by looking on a photo with a shoe. So I would answer, no a photo is not always and in any case only the photographers impression.

Well last time I thought and wrote about such abstract subjects has been in higher school (some 25 years ago) so I'm bit rusty here. Hope I'm not totally off topic.

Cheers Thomas
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