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Default Re: "Learn about the world through photography"

Good morning everybody,

Thanks a lot to all who have brought their 2 cents, yens, guaranies, ...
I see a lot of your messages point towards the ToS violation feature, as I have written before it's good to have it but it lacks some transparency, so here we possibly have a first message for Adam.

There is also a softer method, a NR critique with the following text (or a similar one), I used that text recently:
Hello ,
PLease consider the following:
ToS point 8.
As the purpose of TrekEarth is to learn about the world through photography, shots of common objects (like closeups of garden plants, water droplets, toothbrushes etc.) tend not teach us anything without a suitable note, so unless there's a suitable note they will be liable to deletion at our discretion. If you wish to post these types of image please consider using our sister site TrekLens.

Complete ToS

Thanks for your understanding,

What do you think about this method ?

Also sometimes it's a bit hard to correctly draw the line between TE and either TL or TN, while flower or insect macros are imho obvious TN subjects, a wapiti, tasman devil or zebra shot does have a TE learning dimension if the note says the visited region is populated by this animal.
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