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Default Re: New TOS Violation Feature

Hello All,

This discussion is close to the various reasons I don't post or participate alot now in the site : too many junk/badly placed photos drowning the interesting ones.

I don't have "time to loose" to browse thousands uninteresting photos that their authors posted just because they took their first photo with their new Digital Cam and they want to be evaluated on this site.

Now the point is the Violation Feature : Adam, why don't you move this Violation Link into the Critique part of the Photo. BUT, this might be in a Combo Box, providing a list like :
- To be Moved to TE
- To be Moved to TL
- TOS Violation

After some 5 or 10 clicks on one of the 2 first choices, the photos would be automatically moved / or deleted / or an email to the author sent ?

Just an idea that I wanted to share with the community :-)

Best regards,

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