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Default Post-regulation

In "About" on TE's mainpage I read:
"The underlying theme of TrekEarth is learning more about the world through photography."

I also read the various comments in this forum section about. TOS violations, self-regulation etc.
Some rather startling positions were taken there. Let me explain.

What strikes me as very odd, is that WE do not see a basic definition and understanding of
a) "learning more about the world"
b) "photography"
or put in a different way, what it means to be learning thru PHOTOGRAPHY about the "world"

Apart from a footnote here I'll leave it to others to fine-tune what the "world" may and may not encompass; but pray tell what exactly is "photography"?

In my early days when "photography" was confined to using a camera and fooling around in a dark room, it seemed pretty straight forward what "photography" was...

In this new software/hardware driven cybernautic era it appears that one can now replace that dark room with a fully loaded rainbow computer and manipulate "post-camera" images to one's hearts content.

I personally have no problem with this - dare I coin a word - "cybography"... I just wish people would be HONEST and UP-FRONT about their post-shoot manipulation(s).

What say you all, oh long term participants on TE???

Jay Meeuwig,

"Handle" on TE: Shoot_Score.

My "world" most certainly includes the flora and fauna that makes it most interesting. That, for instance, could be an ovis canadensis canadensis in Radium, or a Donkey Orchid in Western Australia...
I believe that with some proper Photographer's Notes the TE membership stands to learn more about that than about some anonymous - location unknown - clouds that may or may not be a guitar or a marshmallow.
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