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by the way if i reacted a little too strongly
im sorry . blame the young blood in me hehe :)
it's just my own opinion.....
i didnt imply that darren and luko are wrong, but it's really pi**ing off to see most people feel that way.
and then we all crib about how the world is going down the dumps. it seems very hypocritical to me ( im talking about in general. im not referring to anybody here , so i hope im not misunderstood)
and honestly i dont wanna just be a talker, i want to do something about it, and thats why his work means so much to me.
maciej i have a feeling this forum is soon gonna be flooded with messages telling us, especially me to shut up . hehe
good thing i have my exams to run off to :)
how's the photography in wales
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