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Default Map of Greenland

TO KEITH : I see this forum was started by Adam back in 2003 and then had a huge gap of 8 years until 2011.
I have read it all, and I see Adam's problem about Greenland was never solved, i. e . Greenland never appears on any personal profile.
It was brought up in another forum, and we were promised it would be fixed, but seems to have been forgotten.

Besides, I was always disappointed by the new brown and beige map which is not clear at all, whereas the yellow and blue on the beta trekearth is very neat.
Only one example : On my profile, Crete is quite clear on Beta, whereas on the new brown map, you can hardly distinguish Greece.
I long for the old map, even if it remained brown , and I also wish the beta map continued to be updated; One can always dream ...

I see the updating of maps on personal profiles is a problem anyway. See Aru_Earthwalker in "Forum feedback and support". Do people have to ask for their personal map to be updated ? Doesn't the function work automatically ?

Best regards.

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