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Default Re: 10 days in Cambodia?

I assume that you're flying into and out of PP? If so, I'd move quickly out of PP (I didn't find a lot of interest there) and get on up to Siem Reap.

After spending a few days in the temples consider a boat ride to Battambang, the slow ferry if possible. You'll get a chance to see a lot of life along the river, unlike the PP->SR boat which will be mostly open water.

Then the train from Battambang to Pursat was a highlight of my trip. It was, three years ago, a really decrepit piece of junk running on terrible tracks. The result was that the train never traveled faster than one could ride on a bicycle. That made for a nice leisurely rocking and rolling trip through the countryside.

From Pursat you can catch a bus back to PP.

Also, get a good guide, such as Lonely Planet's and see what else interests you. The more you get off the tourist path, the more fun it generally is.

When I was there beggars were no problem, except for some minor encounters around the tourist areas of PP. We were cautioned not to walk around at night, just got on the back of a motorcycle taxi for the trip from restaurant to hotel. No problems.

If you've got only ten days Cambodia is a good place to spend them. Laos would be another. Other countries really require much more time for an adequate visit.
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