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Default Re: Do you Know how to ride a bike ???

hi Dror, I know how to ride a bike, but how to take pictures riding a bicycle?! ;) i think i prefer walking. if you rent a bike then you have to look after it and be careful not to have it stolen ;) i guess i'll end up on a back of a moto and i'lll be driven to Phnom Pehn attractions. probably i'll do the same in Siem Reap... this way i was seeing Vietnam most of the time...
anyway, thanks a lot for your information, i'll try to ask some more precise questions soon if you dont mind :)
and i am not very interested in temples or monuments - i need people on my photos ! ;) that's why i'd like to visit some markets in PP... i hope there is some ppl in Angkor too, if I could capture some monks with the Angkor Wat in the background, i'd be really happy ;)
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