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Default Re: language use in forum threads

Mes félicitation d'ouvrir tes horizons par une autre langue que ta langue maternel. Noticing that you better don't use English if you don't know it well, seems to be only chauvinistic harrassment.

I suppose the origin of the problem lies in a thread called "Coming out", an English title while the discussion was totally in French. So many were mislead by the title alone.

But when someone reveals to be nominated as moderator with an excuse to use French not knowing English well, questions rises if you fit to be moderator. And when a general issue about photos that are deleted, is only addressed to the French community, another question rises about the eventual different modalities used ...

Pity that only a few chauvinists on TE think that they have to impose their French language on a world site as if they are the only one to know culture ... that provokes of course resentment.