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Default Re: language use in forum threads


Once again, since my thread is noticed, I will answer...
I should not have to justify myself and I am not so concerned with your words Pity that only a few chauvinists on TE think that they have to impose their French language on a world site because all my notes are written both in French and in English. I write my critiques in English, and my participation as a moderator is made also in English. I read it perfectly but I know that I still make a lot of mistakes by writing. However, it's not really a problem since I can make myself understood (I hope so !)...

The "coming out" thread was written in french, because it was an answer to an other subject in which french community was majoritary and the persons mentioned are French.
It's true, the title was in English, but this is a phrase now common in the French language.

But when someone reveals to be nominated as moderator with an excuse to use French not knowing English well, questions rises if you fit to be moderator...
Now, about my place as a moderator, well I don't know. I guess yes since we asked me...
But I wonder if you are the best member to judge that, since your participation on the site is null since 2008-04-14, and you wrote only 4 critiques for this year...
Sorry, but I don't see any point in participating in the life of a site that does not suit you anymore since a long time.