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I follow what you are saying. I think that the changes that you mention are relatively new as I do remember that the Inuits only got sovereign control relatively recently as I do remember the news on that. By contrast the Aborigines are still asking for a treaty as they have little or no control over the resources and have no native body to speak on their behalf or to represent their interests in parliament. As for who came and why, the gold rush in both America and Australia was responsible for a large influx of foreigners who ultimately settled down and expanded their interests at the expense of the original landowners. The story of the Black Hills and the negation of one treaty after another is a stark example of greed and exploitation. You'll need to explain what are the 48 as it's a term I have not heard before.
Thanks for your lengthy and informative explanation. In historical terms the rot had set in in the Americas with the Conquistadors and their search for El Dorado which decimated a people and civilisation and was motivated purely by gold fever. Ciao.
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