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You might be interested to know of the term "smoothing the dying pillow" which was used by the government for the people in reservations (full bloods) where the plan was to take the mixed race children away from their parents by force and absorb them into the white society to become stockmen (men) and domestic maids (women) with the projection that the Aboriginal blood would dilute over a number of generations. The full bloods were to die out, hence the term about making their exit less painful. This is after the previous efforts by settlers to decimate them in shooting expeditions, through poisonings of waterholes and in giving them blankets infested with chickenpox against which they had no resistance.
As for current and previous generation and the sense of guilt, we have living amongst us people who, as mixed race children, had been forcibly removed from their remote communities and have grown up in foster care. Have a listen to Archie Roach's songs on youtube, especially if you can find "They took the children away", something he experienced himself.

All I can add about Aboriginal people is this: that despite the cruel policies of the past and present, the deposition, the problems with alcohol abuse and general apathy of the wider community, they are still here fighting for justice and a fair go. So there is still hope, especially as the younger Australians are more prepared to listen.
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