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Default Attachment types...

Dear Paul,

When one composes a message on these forums (or fora), a box labelled "Additional Options" appears which contains a button "Manage Attachments" which then links to another dialogue box. There are then clear options of what file types and what file sizes can be attached to your message.

File types include bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd txt zip. File sizes, however, are very modest but I certainly have, in the past, successfully enclosed jpg image files of around 90KB as well as some very small document files too.

Now, if you're interested and have the time, I can give you an example. If you look at this photograph of mine and then scroll down to the thirteenth critique (by "delpeoples") you will see (on account of the "+" sign at the bottom of the critique) that I have replied to that critique. Click on the "+" and you can read my forum reply to the critique - and, at the bottom of that you will see two attachments, namely a jpg file and a txt file.

I swear that when I wrote that message over a year ago, both of those files could be opened by a single mouse click but now I find they cannot. And when I right click on either of them, their properties suggest they are PHP files with which I am not familiar. I presume, therefore, that some fundamental change to the layout and coding of these forum pages must have been carried out recently.

Kind Regards,

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