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Originally Posted by Mondaychild View Post
Hello my dear fellow Trekkies,

most of the "People"-photos on this website are photos of people in other countries.
E.g. a member from France posts a photo of kids in a slum in Cambodia, a Polish member posts a photo of a farmer in India and so on.

Hardly anybody posts photos of people of one´s own country. Why not? Because people in some popular travel destinations are used to be captured; they know that they´re "exotic".

I think if I would ask a vegetable vendor in my town´s weekly street market, or the Kebap guy, or the lady at the counter of McDonald´s ... well, they would probably think I´m crazy if I came up with the wish to take a photo of them.

How do you feel about this topic? Ever tried it?

Gisi, interesting that you mention this, as I've considered it in the past. I have posted photos of people in the US, and in fact am about to post several more, but it does feel different than doing so in a foreign country as a tourist. Perhaps there's a level of engagement with the surroundings that is different while one is away from familiar soil? Good question, though, and worthy of discussion.

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