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The t.o.s. does NOT say "no flowers whatsoever". It says no closeups. I would hardly consider a standard lens view of 55mm, of over 100 tulips, in 3 different color layers, to be a "macro" or 'close up' shot. The t.o.s. also state that if a suitable note accompanies such an image, it will be permitted.

Still waiting on the courtesy of an email or reply, in regard to my deleted image. So far, I have had 20 likes in facebook for the deleted image, and 1 'hate' on TE. Maybe it's time I started looking for another website or start posting all of my future images on FB? And I no longer post on TL, because that site is poorly moderated and home to a few troublesome sociopaths who rarely post images but delight in stirring up trouble and scaring members away...

Really disappointed in the attitude of moderators here.

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