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Default language use in forum threads

Dear all,

I think it is not fair to the non-francophone members of the site to use French in the forum threads. Recently, there have been several interesting threads in which people who do not read French could not participate. For example "Coming out" or "Baisse d'activité sur TE". When I receive a critique in french, I find it no problem at all, because critiques are mostly short and my embryonic French is enough for them. But reading long texts in French (let alone writing a response in French) requires too much of my time and effort, pardonez-moi... I tried to translate the French texts using an online translator but the results are awful.

I think everybody can make a small effort and write in English, it does not have to be perfect at all. I am not a native English speaker myself, but I would use English even if half of the TE members were Russian speakers. This is just a sign of respect to others, don't you think? And on top of that, there is no use in talking about members leaving the site if many of them are feeling "linguistically challenged" and as a result, alienated.