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Default Re: language use in forum threads

Hello Alexander

Since one of the mentioned topics concern me, I'll explain to you.
Personally, I use English for non-francophone members when I write a critique, when I send a mail, or when I participate in a discussion begun in English; like you do.
My English is not perfect, but enough to express short thoughts without too many mistakes, I think.
For this thread "coming out" that you mentioned, it was a reply to another subject, for which the majority (almost all) of participants were French or Francophones.
What I had to say was important for me and it was easier for me to express myself properly in my mother tongue, to make me understand. You must be comfortable to argue and defend a position ;o)

I could use your own words :
"But [writing] long texts in [english] requires too much of my time and effort... I tried to translate [into english] using an online translator but the results are awful."

In any case, it's a lack of respect of the other participants.