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Default star me kitten bug

I got an e-mail about a picture of mine that, because there was a cat in it, seemed to violate the TOS. When I tried to reply through the link provided in your automted mail, I got this mumbo jumbo:

"Cannot execute fquery2You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 't consider this to be one. I hope you appreciate my arguments.

Al' at line 2INSERT INTO post (threadid, username, userid, title, dateline, visible, pagetext, parentid) VALUES (941729, 'BennyV', 95904, ' Request: BennyV challenges "star me kitten" photo', UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()), 1"

Because I couldn't reply, I include what I wanted to say below.

I hope the copied text above might be of help to solve one of the many bugs that trouble TE these days. Now let's hope this works...



I suppose you are familiar with my posts on TE, so you know my main topic is China and all things Chinese. I particularly like shooting portraits of people.

This one is a bit different, as it is a kind of portrait not of a person, but of a cat. I posted this shot on TE because it has lots of "Chinese" ambience and mood: the colour scheme, the towels and the large Chinese character in the bg.

The cat itself is a mere coincidence, just something I spotted while travelling, and certainly NOT the reason why I posted the shot. In fact, I even hate cats!

I am familiar with the TOS and I stand behind them, so of course I know that pictures of pets do not belong on the site. But, as explained above, I don't consider this to be one. I hope you appreciate my arguments.

All the best

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