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Default Re: Impossible task

Adding more entries to the Categories box is an option that has already been discussed in earlier threads and personally I support it.

Now regarding the ToS enforcement, yes it's often difficult to know where to draw the line and the decision to remove a photo belongs solely to Adam, which makes sense.

But we have other possibilities to tell a photo is not appropriate as posted, hitting the Tos violation link or using a NR critique as I have shown earlier in this thread, personally I think I will use it more often, I do not want to become a big censor here but I believe many members who post these not appropriate photos just registrate without taking time to read the ToS, so a friendly reminder can not harm. I could feel some support today in acting in that direction and I will give it a try, unless of course Adam has a negative opinion about it.

Thanks to all participants for expressing their opinions.
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