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Default Dates etc.

I've just had a look at my critique rate. On the 14th I wrote 3 critiques, 15th - 23 critiques and 16th 20. I have been away for 2 weeks and catching up with posts I missed. I have no idea how the clock works but I do know that the daily tally is no longer working. Quite frankly, I have enough to do without counting up how many critiques I have given in any period. What actually is the problem here, is the tally working for some members and not for others? I really don't think that some members are favoured over others in this particular case ... a bug does not have favourites! As for being silent..... how many people actually count how many crits they give each day? I didn't until this issue was raised. Let's be rational about this, I'm sure that there in no conspiracy afoot
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