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Default Re: Tsunami Calendar: Which Charities?

Humm...I think it is more important the areas of the urgent & the least help getting first and then which charity or which hard hit region. I think most NGOs will concentrate the areas they have local contacts and easy to get to and safe to operate. Some areas are so remote that the help still is not getting there. But in other areas, the victims were not the native people or isolated and thus no one reported as such. I read about Burmese migrate workers in Thailand were not getting help much due to Thailand government could not identify them as victims of Tsunami and the contact to their families. The family back home did not even know where about of their loveones for months. But now they are rebuilding the resorts on those beaches.

I just wish the donations should go to the people who needed the most if we could request that from NGOs. We have to earn more to be able to request our choices and priorities.

I think, we should have responded this sooner and faster by direct donations to the TE and send them along to the victims on the names of TE's community. Raising the fund by selling calendars, postcards or books would take lot of times and planning. Something like this natural disaster needs urgent and immediate help from all of us as global community. Or should we setup a squat team just for that in case? Something to think about for the future.

Way Sai
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