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Default Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??

Whoops! `Sorry about the rugby!!!!!! Close thing though! Just been talking about it all over a beer.

My take on the good photographer thing is we probably all reach moments in what we do where we think we have reached some sort of level
where we 'allow' ourselves a goodness rating but the more we progress and see others work we also realise how far that continuum of goodness extends beyond us into the future of our practice..........that's why maybe I think it's best to assess these things really further down the line........don't hold too much by the critiques thing though - it's all mediated by so many other factors than by how good people are as of the things that makes us better is the time we have to spend exploring .......people with more time may explore more..............

Personally - I'm a critical practitioner - very rarely satisfied with any image in and of itself ........if I do a good job to a task I'm reasonably satisfied.......if I achieve an image i'm half proud of in my personal meanders through life I'm happy too........but to have the time to study undertake longer commissions or tasks.......well that may make of me a more creative and competent photographer one day.........

best wishes Kev
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