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Default Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??

Well, from the galleries I have browsed, I find five persons
1. Oochapen from Belgium
2. Isabela_sor from Romania
3. Lonelywolf from Poland
4. Irina ID from UAE
5. Jinju from Korea

they all are versatile in their own field.
Oochapen can make any shotat any place.He is a master of lens.
Isabela_sor can come out with calenders everyyear with tiny tots.
Lonelywolf creates magic with mountains and water;landscapes.
One day you will find IrinaID on your TV either in Discovery or Natioonal Geographics.
To know what is B&W and abstractions you need to follow Jinju.

Hope this would help to improve your own photographic skills.
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