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Originally Posted by Keitht View Post
The site isn't all about photographic excellence. An 'average' or 'poor' shot can tell us a lot more about the world when accompanied by good notes, than a superbly executed image with no notes of interest.
I'd definitely agree with that, and it's why I usually prefer photos with good notes, which make even so called 'mediocre' photos worth looking at. But for some members it is, at least partly, about photographic excellence, and that's their prerogative according to my all-encompassing view of TE; it's their complaining that I wouldn't condone. Some members seem to find browsing through 'poor' photographs in the moving gallery too tedious for them. I'm not sure why they complain about it when they could bypass them in their thumbnail form (which gives some sort of indication, at least), if they prefer to view only what they consider good quality photos.
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