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Default Re: Draft Exhibition Agreement Ready for Review

No problem Way. I would have done this for myself anyway. It just made sense to share it with other members.

The contract would be easier to enforce if we contained a scan or our signature, Ettore printed it out and signed it in person, then sent it to us by post. The problem with this is that it would add another week or so at least to the process, and assuming that Ettore agreed to do that, we might not have that much time.

The actual "electronic signing" steps are contained in the last paragraph of the contract and should be OK in this case as no money is actually changing hands. Basically you sent the completed contract by mail to Ettore, Ettore sends it back having included a typed name and states agreement in the body of the mail. Your then sending your photos signifies receipt of the contract and final agreement.

I do agree that a recognition letter would be good. Let's pursue that for all members. If necessary we could include a clause in the agreement too if most people think we should. But hopefully that shouldn't be necessary.

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