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Default Re: self-regulation

The rule about not generally allowing photos of friends/family applies to everyone, including those in India and other countries.

One of the reasons this rule exists is I believe there is a conflict of interest because I feel the photographer, by being related to the subject, will be more likely to post an uninteresting photo, however, because of the relationship, think it's just super. The same applies for pet photos. "This is my cat fluffy, isn't she the cutest?"

"why worry if there are a few hundred western mothers/brothers/girlfriends"

I believe there would be far, far more than that. Just visit other photo sites to see what would happen.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, this rule applies to anyone in any location.

"Either that or no western faces."

Well, that's not really true, there are quite a few documentary and other shots taken in Western countries, although as a percentage not that many.
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