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I'm curious Jack, how the cover that was voted on at the time this project was actively being pursued has suddenly become "an open opportunity." As you recall, one of my designs was selected by members who voted on the subject a couple of years ago. Perhaps "someone" has decided to produce a different cover, but I've received no information to that effect, certainly not from Cesar who was at the time leading this venture.

I still have nearly three gigabytes of files on the TE book cover so I'm both able and willing to go forward with the accepted design if this project goes forward. I would need more specificity regarding the dimensions of the proposed book so the design can be put in the proper format. The specific photographs used in that design would likely need to be refreshed, as well, since a number of photographers whose work was used originally are no longer active on TE and their photos have been removed from the site. I doubt, however, that I'd have trouble finding replacements and in securing permission for their use. I have no wish to tackle that time consuming task, however, unless this becomes a real project rather than a lovely dream.

I'll follow this conversation with interest, but I'd certainly wish to know more if my design is no longer the accepted cover. Thanks Jack.
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