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Default Lightroom and clever sliders...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, I have loaded Lightroom 5 onto my newly built computer but I haven't really had much of a chance to experiment with it. My first impression of Lightroom was that it seemed intent on wanting to catalogue all my pictures while I really was just wanting to experiment with its RAW editing and conversion features. I shall, however, find some time and try to do some more experimentation!

Of course, you can do similar things (but in a slightly different way) in Photoshop and in Elements. In Elements, if you go to Enhance - Convert to Black and White, a dialogue box opens up in which you have "sliders" for red, green and blue and they do have the effect of adding colour filters when taking pictures on black and white film. There's also some "presets" there too where you can choose between different styles - landscape, infrared, "newspaper", portrait and so on and you can try to choose one that gives near to the effect you wish to end up with and then "fine tune" it with the sliders - I find it seems to work reasonably well if done sympathetically.

Best Wishes,

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