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Default It's not quite as bad...

After reading your note I thought you were right, and that many posted images wouldn't belong here. It's often very difficult to decide what complies with the rules and what not. I do find it absolutely ridiculous that a portrait of a beautiful person can be a much appreciated image, while the same image is deleted if any family relationship to the photographer is disclosed in the note. I understand and do agree with the rule, but any family picture is absolutely acceptable if the family relationship is not mentioned in the note...
Anyway, I thought you were right, but then scrolled down through the last 5 posted pages, 90 pictures that is, and couldn't find any single one that was against the rules, or that in my opinion didn't belong on TE. So maybe the problem isn't quite as critical as you mention? Yes, there are exceptions, but are they numerous enough to lower the level of the site?
The notes are great, so maybe a minimum limit for the note, letís say 50 or 70 words, would help. I know a few great landscape photographers who donít post more than a few words though, and I really like seeing their imagesÖ
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