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Default Use the Button

The only solution? The Report Violation button.

This is the best way. In borderline situations, we can include a little line in the note alerting the member of this fact saying that the image is probably more suitable for TL or TN, and not hit the button.

Besides the categories TOS forbid (pets, family, etc.) most of the pictures are suitable for TE, especially if accompanied by a note. Of course, the examples of people posting their sister photo but mentioning it’s a portrait of an inhabitant of X country it’s impossible to detect, except, maybe with time.

If the image is titled, blurred, etc, will depend on the artistic expression of the member (or the inability to take a focused, straight image…). We must not forget the artistic side, beyond the documental one. These are personal choices and do not exclude a photo “per se” from TE.

Making notes with some extent obligatory is not a good idea. Nowadays we see some members adding the complete EXIF info to the note, as extra info. If this were obligatory people would do this just to comply with the rule not adding any real information about the place.

Again, alerting and requesting the member to write notes, and explaining that its important and how people appreciate it is the best way.

All this has worked well along time. Maybe people got relaxed, and many haven’t used the “Report Violation” button yet, which together with the huge amount of daily postings may create some problems. I think it’s time for people to use it wisely, but… use it.
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