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Default Re: Who will decide?

Hi JY,

I think that you have a point in a way, but ...

I think that different people try to teach different things. Look at my latest 2 photos. Exactly what you wrote: blurry bightmares. But I still think they have educational value. In your photography you show us the tangible world. Your photos are beautiful, rich in colors, nice compositions. Good stuff. But others may go for something different. I try to show the intangible, the feel, the emotion of a place, a situation. I feel that this is just as valuable. I hope that I succeed and I hope that TE will not become too restrictive. I think there is room for all kinds of photos, those that teach us about the physical look of a place, and those that teach us about the emotional feel of a place or situation or moment. Doesnt this add spice and variety to TE?
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