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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

"As for the dump, it may be overdone, perhaps even somewhat shallow in the involvement (yet aren't many successful photos?), but at least it is a theme - that's all I meant, and Maciek has some pretty good ones in the dump genre. Could be any other theme. You can't present a portfolio of 'my travels abroad' - not unless you're interesting and famous enough to string them together with your own life. Otherwise you give that very same impression of comfy tourism, cushy hotels and AC cars..."
I don't think the trade off is either the PP dump OR comfy AC tourism (which is in fact... done in the same time). Maciek has plenty of fine themes he could develop on 4 or 5 pics... let's take for instance "last prep before the contest" "at the office" and "make up" and that's the start of a story, it lacks a grand scene, and a conclusion print but I think this is nicely set up.

The problem with the PP dump is that, move away the empathy and the initial "OMG!" factor, the photos look the same for most, some of them make great singles but they're redundant... looking into his portfolio I wonder how come he didn't select "cigarette after work" which is absolutely essential as a break in the story.

The other thing is that, adressing a photojournalist agency, if there should be ONE photo selected, i think that "friday prayers at new mosque" comes on top of the list.. this is the big painting which every film begins with. He has the stuff for a Pakistan serie, I believe.

Like Narayan reminded, the people at VII are no pbase or trekearth photographers, I don't think they give much credit to the way a finger comes in at two thirds of the pic... I believe they would like to "invest" into someone with an eye and a brain and who'll come back with images that PAY. If they see someone who takes great fun in shooting but there's no way to sell the images, try to guess what'll be their reaction... it's not Villa Medicis young photo artist prize there...

If we agree (what I like the most here is that Maciek IS NOT ALLOWED to say a word. YOU SIT DOWN AND KEEP QUITE MACIEK! ok?) on the fact that he has to propose limited series on a 4 or 5 photo set.
This will be 4 or 5 series on a 20 shots portfolio.
I guess he can select these themes with the number of images between brackets :
- Cardiff (5)
- Transvestite beauty contest in Chennai (4)
- Pakistan (4)
- Vuyiroli (4)
- PP Dump (5) I've now seen the whole, there is easily the material for a 5 to 10 images story, but I wonder i don't think the ones you selected can make a story altogether, therer are many interesting ones when combined.
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