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Default Re: Nachtwey, the philantropist (2)

"i know a lot of you are gonna react because it seems like im belittling bresson, im not,. it's just that for me nachtwey has far
stronger shots with a longer lasting impression than any of bresson's . i like bresson , but for me he's not the greatest :) "

i'll appreciate it if the next time my complete quotes are referred to. :) .
firstly this quote was a bait for you luko, since you didnt seem too pleased with my calling out for you in one of the forums i posted a long back :)
secondly like i mentioned above , bresson's great . i also know that the kind of portraits he used to make in those days were unthinkable. but even then he's not someone whose name will come first to my mind if i have to think of my favourites. i wrote my way to say that i was being very very subjective about what i meant and didnt mean it for everyone

i didnt mention salgado because you're right about the human touch in his photographs. i know of his economics background and im doing economics myself hehe ( im not implying anything ) and yes i like don mccullum as well. and thanks a lot for the reply to my message on the forum about him :)

as far as james nachtwey is concerned, you're right when you say that he hasnt done anything much to change photography as a medium. i dont see him as an artist .
i dont emphasise much on him as a photographer but more on his photographs. but what i do like about him is that he has chosen a field which nobody else wants to choose. now whether he has chosen this line to get into the limelight...... i dont know to be honest. im giving his the benefit of doubt that it's because of what he feels about all this

"I have been a witness, and these pictures are

my testimony. The events I have recorded should

not be forgotten and must not be repeated."

-James Nachtwey-

this is the "cause" that i was talking about. and it his work thas had a great influence on me. he hasnt had much of an influence on me as a photographer as he has had as a person ( remember that im giving him the benefit of doubt) if im wrong then i'll be crushed :(

to be honest i feel very very stupid for having reacted the way i did hehe. and to darren once again, i didnt mean to sound as rude as i did to you and luko
take care
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