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Hi Paul,
yes indeed, I noticed that with the 20th critique, if you try to edit it -it looses the smiley...

I think the possibility to edit the critiques (and add the smileys later) should switch off after few minutes or at least the link should disappear. Now I checked that in beta-TrekEarth the link is indeed gone, both from the place immediately under the photo and also from the place next to the critique below the photo.
However in the main TrekEarth it disappears from place immediately under the photo but is still present next to the critique under the photo. Not next to the critique when you list the critiques.
So basically there is this one spot which administrators have missed where the link stays active. I don't know how long and I am not sure whether it is important to let them know about it since they don't care about more important things anyway...
I checked older critiques and the edit link is still available under them from two days ago.
Interesting story
Kind regards,
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