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Old 05-14-2009, 06:49 PM
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Default To Nelu_Goia: Wassup ?

As you see I didn't gave up posting even after the bad reviews. The eye is connected to the mind and the vision of one is dictated by the mind. Just because we don't follow the trends and rules dictated and imposed by magazines and books it does not mean we are off the hook totally. Certain humans enjoy the representation of the bad or dark side of life. You can follow the shiny road to beautiful things without noticing the misery. It's all right for the majority of us, but some they do look to see the ditch, the haze, the depressed side of life and would like to express it somehow. It is harder to express pain than happiness in art. See, not many people would look at the painting of Hieronymus Bosch,read Kafka, listen to Frank Zappa and Nick Cave or enjoy a movie like Brazil or The Fisher King. They're not in the center of media, nor advertised and the majority of Earths population never even heard about them.
I didn't figure it out yet how to upload a RAW file, as soon I figure it out I will do it probably. The reviews: it's free to do it or...not. There is a problem with my pictures, probably true. There are better ones , or worse to come in the future. They probably won't fit in the big melting pot of photography...yeah, some of us are weird...

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Old 05-14-2009, 07:48 PM
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Default Re: To Nelu_Goia: Wassup ?

"I didn't figure it out yet how to upload a RAW file,..."
Of course, you can`t upload the original raw file but all I wanted was that file resized for web at 800 pixels and 300KB.
What some people (Dan, me or anybody else) say in their comments should not make you angry or worried. What should really worry you is what the rest of your photos viewers DO NOT SAY.
Critiques help, even negative or maybe especially those ones. Indifference kills.
Since I joined this website I saw people come and go and some of them come again. I saw people who were not so advanced but they knew or learned to listen, to see and to filter what they saw. Those people improved a lot.
Unfortunately I also met some for who good critiques were always more important than bad ones and the green devils, the smileys, were more important than everything. They got stuck in the mud; lots of points but poor quality and less creativity.
Don`t get me wrong; I`m not the judge; I`m just a witness…
All the best,
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Old 05-14-2009, 10:12 PM
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Default Re: To Nelu_Goia: Wassup ?

"Can you please the UNTOUCHED ORIGINAL RAW FILE as a workshop?"
I figured there IS a way to upload RAW files based on your request.
Got your point, no worries, actually I'm glad for the comments.
Bad press is always more popular in the news...
So yeah, life still goes on.

Take care
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