To mjw364: Hi Mike!

  • I was missing you, indeed! I feel very sorry to loose contact with some membres of TE and you are one of them, we have a way to see things very similar and your shots always pleased to me for one or another reason. I always appreciated your kind comments, you understood them perfectly...

    If you come to Barcelona and have time, please call me, my cell phone is: 608573832 you have to dial 0034 before i think. I can show you things of my city you wouldn't normally see. Are you on Facebook? I'm uploading my pictures there now, my name is Juan Ferragut.

    See you soon,
  • Hi Juan
    Hello Juan

    I am not on Facebook for reasons to do with my job. But I have e-mailed you and you can contact me via e-mail. I am also on Flickr - I go by the name of Godbluff on Flickr. Flickr is less restrictive than TE but is a way to keep in touch with photos.

    I will call you when I get to Barcelona. I arrive on Monday 17th so will call after that.

    See you soon.