To delpeoples: Hiya

  • Dear Lisa,
    It is SO good to be back indeed!
    I am very sorry to hear about your Mum, I hope she is on the mend?
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE A shoot with you very soon
    I am playing a little this afternoon with HDR- do you have any experience or tips? I can't recall if you are a Mac user or not?
    Hugs and very best wishes
  • HDR Tips
    Hi Kathryn

    So good to hear from you. For sure as soon as Mum's settled into her routine, physio etc and I can escape, I'd love to catch up. Where off the Barrier Reef over Easter, so things will definitely have settled down after we get back.

    I you and the family are well. I love being kept in the loop on FB.

    As to HDR, no I don't touch it. In fact 2 photographers that I really admire Andre (Inasiajones) and Jim (Jimkil) have succeeded in persuading me not to use it. But then again I see really great results on here with Craig (Macjake), Krzysztof (Krzychu30) and Steve (Signalwomb) that I won't ever say never. So I can't give you any hints, but I'm sure Craig and Krzysztof would be very happy to advise.

    Well have fun, and I hope to catch up soon. Thanks for the kind critique BTW!


    PS: not a MAC user