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Old 10-29-2003, 05:06 PM
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Default How to cope with the 'flood' of new pictures?

I agree too, the number of new pictures posted every day and, even more, the number of all pictures on VT is getting unmanageable (unless one is unemployed and still has a camera, PC and Internet access). And since this wonderful site will surely develop further this will be even more a problem in future.

It seems natural that if the VT's 'points system' somehow succeeds to rise average quality of pictures (of the new one and of all of them in the database) we will have less of them to open and we will have more fun and enjoyment.

What if VT displayed next to the name of the 'artist' not the total number of points gathered but rather an 'average points per picture' mark? (total number of points divided by the number of postings). In addition, this seems to me more righteous measure of a photographer quality. This would certainly discourage people who try to gain points by substituting quality by quantity. Less uncritical postings would happen. Many people would probably seriously clean-up their portfolio and we would be much more critical about every new posting.

Since 'average' is a statistical estimate it should always be applied on large enough ensemble, that is on a certain number of postings, say, 20 pictures minimum. Otherwise one could post two or three very good pictures with extremely high ratings and remain 'an absolute king' for ever. Therefore, for newcomers and people who posted less than minimum number of pictures only rating of individual pictures would be displayed.

One could possibly object that 'this site is for people who would like to learn photography and one can not expect high quality from them at the beginning'. This is true and certainly one of the best properties of this site. But, posting 'less than very good' pictures to learn something from comments and later delete them it always possible and doesn't 'ruin' photographer 'average' rating.

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