Travel in Norway, Osle to Stavangeren

  • Hi there,

    My brother and I love photo shooting.

    Some years back we were both boy scouts, FDF its called i Danish, as boy scouts, we went hiking in Norway. We have been at the top of glittertind, i think that is the highest we have been.

    but anyways, we would love if someone could provide us with some information, maybe nice photo locations and stuff on the trip. we have only decided that we are going for 2 ore 3 weeks, and we start in oslo and end up in stavangeren. what to see ore how and when, we havent decided jet. so any information provided would be lovely. and if some from norway know about the rules of hiking in norway. ! it would be lovely. in Denmark, we only god the mosquito to be afraid of hah, soo.

    hope to hear from you ! ! ! !

    best regards the Photo Mania Dudes !
  • Norway...
    Hi Soeren,

    I would recommend to go as early as you can because of the terrible "knuts" in the summer.
    We loved May and June because the days were long and the weather quite appropriate for camping but in Norway, in that period, you can find & hire vacant cabins anywhere, in each camping.

    Most wonderful is Jotunheimen and both routes 51 & 55 - Have a look at a couple of pictures we made there:

    I'll be glad to see yours when you're back...
  • Hi,

    I visited Norway last summer by car in 3 weeks with my 5 years old son and I visited quite a few places. Please have a look at my website to see Norwegian photos:

  • When you wish to go for norway travel, you must need to plan for visiting most popular places of there such as Town of Trondheim, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Geirangerfjord. Many natural, cultural and arts beautiful attractions presents in norway that the best to visit during norway travel.
  • I'd like to to visit this North country. I've heard a lot about amazing places that can be found there.
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  • Please Paula, stop opening "old" threads, you are filling the Travel forum with not relevant informations.

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  • I recommend doing these hikes
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