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Great KevRyan 2007-06-17 15:35

Is it maybe crickets? Grasshoppers or something like that? - it is really a most unusual shop - well spotted!

Have fun here - were you here before is that why urback?

bw Kev

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iamback iamback is offline
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Default To KevRyan: I am back! - or a little history

Without giving away the solution to my little riddle (tomorrow!) - yes, I'm having fun! I'm so glad I found this site! - just a remark about my nickname here (which you rightly bring up):

Several years ago (September 1999, to be precise) I realized two things more or less simultaneously: 1) that I wanted to do more with my photographs than show them to nearby friends, family and fellow travelers, and that somehow presenting them on a website would be a good idea (I already had a few websites by then); and 2) (thanks to an article pointing this out) that almost all domain names corresponding to English words in a general English dictionary had already been reserved. So I set out to find a domain name that would match "the things I do" when I travel (and when I get back again) including photographs; but single words were impossible: the article listed all those (a ridiculously short list at that time) that were both in a normal English dictionary and still available as domain names - and none matched, really, apart from the fact that quite a few had already been snatched up most likely as a result of that article; the only solution was finding a short phrase. With a lot of trial and error I hit on "" (obvious phrases like "been there", "done that" etc. had already been taken as well) so when I found that I just jumped, registered the domain, and parked it.

Only a a few years ago (2004) before a big trip, I activated it and started a travel blog, still planning to somehow show photographs, and combine them with the blog as well. That idea is finally taking shape, but while researching solutions I happened to re-find TrekEarth (which I'd come across before researching my latest trip to Yemen) and just got hooked. And here I am.

So... "I am back" really means something like: I'm back from a trip and now I can begin to show you what I saw... but I'm using it as a nickname in various more-or-less related online environments as well. Search that nick on Google and you'll find me, search my full name and you'll find me too (including with some other hats on), and you may also find me by the name of JavaWoman (which is a whole 'nother story with other related hats). As variants, there are nicks like "goneagain", "iamback4now" and whatever else I can come up with when I stumble over the fact that someone else has also hit on the "iamback" idea (or just copied it!)
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Old 06-18-2007, 12:57 AM
KevRyan KevRyan is offline
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Default Re: To KevRyan: I am back! - or a little history

Thanks for the lowdown on that - that was kind of close to my second guess at why you used Iamback..........

a belated welcome to here!

best wishes Kev
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