Hi Craig

  • I see you have never been to China. To reach this place you need someone who can take you there. You will have to go to Yangshuo, rent a gasoline powered motorbike, drive about 1hour/30km partly thru a village and thru many farms, follow the signs villagers have put on some trees until u reach the right hill where u can go up (have many hills nearby but only one to climb) pay the entrance fee and climb the stairs for 20-30min. The place is not well known and it took me some efforts and time to investigate even being able to speak and read Chinese, still not easy.
    Have some travel agencies they take u to everywhere but I noticed that many don't have this particular place in the regular program. The place is Cuiping Scenic Area.
    U need to go there daytime to memorize the way and come back before sunrise in total darkness or wait there for the sunset, as both is possible.

    Going the soon again.

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