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  • Re: dynamic range
    Alex Webb's equipment (a few years ago) mostly Leica M6 cameras with 28mm elmarit lens & Kodachrome K200 slide, sometimes Leica R SLRs or Canon for long lens needs.

    Most inspirational photo book for him? the "decisive instant" by you know who... ;)
  • Re: dynamic range
    i know, i know by who ;) and you can see that, for me many times he is like HCB in color...
    so most of his wide angle shots wede done using M6 and Kodak slides... well, so that's the secret probably...
    i wish my digital Canon had better dynamic range, now to preserve highlight is use spot metering on the brightest point in the frame, but then photos are quite dark... otherwise all highlights are blownout.. ayah
  • Re: Alex Webb
    it is me and Alex Webb again... I was just browsing his pictures again... and they are so good, I wish one day I was as creative as this guy.
    have a look at a nice selection of his photos