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  • TrekEarth has RSS feeds available for the five most recently posted photos categorized by location (world/continent/country) or by member. An [RSS] link will be displayed on any page offering an RSS feed. It's possible to use these feeds in a weblog or other website, or in a desktop RSS aggregator application. For more information on TrekEarth RSS feeds, check out this rss page.

    RSS, which stands for Really Simply Syndication, is used to share headlines and lists among websites.

    To see an example, look at the bottom-right column at www.trekjapan to see the latest titles and a partial note for the latest five photos from Japan posted to TrekEarth.

    Feeds are not enabled for member pages by default. Country feeds are available for the ten countries with the most photos posted on this site. To request one's member photo page or another country's feed, just let me know.

    I'd like to thank Rob (justrob) for providing a detailed explanation about RSS and a sample RSS feed. If anyone encounters problems or has suggestions on how this feature may be improved, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Re: RSS Feeds Now Available
    Good to see RSS support Adam. Its usefulness would be much enhanced by the addition of a thumbnail image, which can be added readily with most blogging apps to the summary field for in-line display using RSS readers.
  • Re: RSS Feeds Now Available
    "Its usefulness would be much enhanced by the addition of a thumbnail image"

    Unfotunately this is disabled due to potential bandwidth overusage. If I can find a way to afford more bandwidth, I'd like to add it in one day.
  • Re: RSS Feeds Now Available
    Interesting article about RSS:

    I tried adding a TrekEarth RSS feed to a custom page on MyYahoo and it works fine.
  • Re: RSS Feeds Now Available
    Wow, I use MyYahoo all the time so the TrekEarth RSS feed is a nice addition. Thanks for the info!
  • user RSS feeds
    I am looking to monitor TE/TL with reduced bandwidth, but when I monitor a member page, it only works for a few people. For example, my page comes up not found:

    any ideas? I am putting the app together, but if there is an interest in making a TE specific version, I'd be glad to put something together.
  • Re: user RSS feeds
    User feeds are only added upon request. So I added yours as well.

    What kind of app do you mean, an rss reader?
  • Re: user RSS feeds
    Yes, an RSS reader. I couldn't find one I liked when I looked a few months ago, so I put one together
  • Re: user RSS feeds
    Is it online? Or does it need to be downloaded?
  • Re: user RSS feeds
    Would it be possible to see the last half a dozen critiques left for a user on a user page too? Or perhaps just the critiques added in the past 48 hours. That might even be better