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Old 08-10-2005, 07:22 AM
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Default Re: Photography to became a crime?

Firstly, hello to all. I just came across this wonderful site a few minutes ago and joined.

I find this post and the replies most interesting as I have had a couple of negative experiences in the last two years, here in Sydney, Australia.

One time, I was down at my local beach, Brighton, casually taking wide angle shots from the promenade. No long lens on the camera to give anyone the idea that I would be able to take closeups of anyone down on the sand from where I was. This guy walks by and says, "Taking photos of people on the beach. That could be a fine!" This is NOT true, by the way. A really stupid comment, in any case. Nobody can be fined for taking pictures right on the sand. I checked that one out.

The worst, though, was when I was more or less in the same position in the same place, and after leaving the beach, I realised that I was being followed by three guys who would have been in their early twenties. I went into a cafe for protection after dialing police emergency on my mobile. These individuals came in to the cafe and started to threaten me, one of them even grabbing me by the teeshirt, and this was in front of the staff and customers. I told him I would charge him with assault when the police arrived, if he'd like to stay around.

They accused me of "taking photographs of children", when in reality I had just been aimlessly taking anything for practice with my digital camera. (In one shot, there was a man carrying his child up from the water, the rest were very general.)

These three then made an exit. Shortly after that two young policewomen arrived in a car. They told me that they were not allowed to take me in their car to identify the aggressors, who had just gone off round the block. What a joke! They also told me that I couldn't take candid shots, and that I had to ask permission first, which is INCORRECT, as under Australian law there is no such prohibition.

For a while, I even felt like giving up photography, which I love with a passion. I still do take some candid shots, but think carefully before doing so, weighing up the situation every time. I have also started to actually approach people in certain circunstances and have asked permission to photograph them, and have found my subjects delighted with the idea.

The world (at least my part of it) has gone crazy...
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Old 08-19-2005, 08:53 AM
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Default Re: Photography to became a crime?

That's an upsetting story, I don't know the local lows but I feel a bit shocked this happens in Canada, a country I had a better opinion about...
In which city did it happen ?
As read in the link, you might consider reporting the case to a local newspaper to raise people attention on it, something worth keeping in mind for the next elections...
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Old 09-01-2005, 03:49 PM
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Default Re: Photography to became a crime?

what a bunch of clowns! you should have asked them to let you take a photo for the good people at TE !

Cops make good shots cos they always seem to have surprising facial expressions that dont fit the uniform (that is, unless they are frowning something huge!)
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Old 09-23-2005, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: Photography to became a crime?

Hi Peter,
I have to say that I'm sorry for the "troubles" you had. Yes it is a sad world when you get harrased (hope I wrote this correctly) for having a hobby. The east of the world , as you call it, has a different kind of problem - you are seen as a weirdo - but at least they don't trouble (me) us as much. I had only one encounter with the third kind (police, military) and that is because I was making pics NEAR army barracks. All went well but it wasn't a nice feeling.
Hold on
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