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  • Re: crappy pictures
    I agree with the basic sentiment, not so much of crappy pictures as quality of image is a subjective thing, but on the whole issue of fulfilling the aims of TE. There are an enormous number of what I would call Art images being posted on this site and although many are undoubtedly good photographs they don't belong here. In that category I would put things like close up shots of flowers, portraits with explantory notes and any other image where the context isn't clear, either from the image itself or accompanying notes.
  • Re: crappy pictures
    I totally agree with what you're saying. I also admit that I went too far with my statement about crappy pictures.

    However, I never got personal in this respect. So what makes you say that your 2 pictures are by MY STANDARDS "crappy" or "junk"? I never said that nor stated any concrete standards. Don't take such general remarks peronally. By the way I looked at your two pictures. The first one (Maine river) is certainly 100% TE material. And a good one. "Mystical Mare" is perhaps too artsy and I would rather place it in TrekLens (Because I feel there is not enough to learn about Pennsylvania). But really, making this statement is already pushing it too far from what I had in mind when I first took the harsh-sounding "crappy pictures" words to my mouth.
  • Re: crappy pictures
    Thanks for your statement. I probably went too far with the notion of "crappy pictures" :)
    I very much agree with what you are saying. About artsy closeups etc - there is TrekLens for that purpose. Maybe it would be useful to add for members the function of recommending any particular photo to be moved from TrekEarth to TrekLens? I would love that option.
    Because, as I said, when there's a good photo (art image, as you put it) that does not teach much about world, I do not feel good about pressing the "report violation" button.
  • Re: crappy pictures
    <i>Because, as I said, when there's a good photo (art image, as you put it) that does not teach much about world, I do not feel good about pressing the "report violation" button.</i>

    I'm saying it again. A picture that does not teach about the world is a pciture that goes against the TOS and therefore eligible for the "report violation" button. When this button is clicked, Adam will checked the picture, if he thinks the picture is not suited for TE then he will de-activate the picture and send a message to the author telling him/her why the picture is removed and suggesting to post the picture on TL.

    As for a option to recommend moving a picture from TE to TL, you can easily do that by doing this statement in your comment to the picture.
  • Re: crappy pictures
    What you said sounds very reasonable. Are you guys also doing that?
  • self-regulation
    While I agree that it is obviously necessary to have a mechanism to remove anything really outrageous, I do feel that apart from this then TE should be self-regulating. If everyone thinks a photo does not fit with the TE spirit they can ignore it or write comments to say why they think it is unsuitable, and this is better than reporting it as a violation. This way is more transparent - everything happens in full view, everyone can see why members are unhappy with a certain photo, and no decisions are taken behind closed doors.(I am not talking about pornography or outrageous images uploaded maliciously, which need to be removed immediately).
    I say this because I think all photos 'teach us about the world' to some degree or another, and I do not see why we need to decide if a photo does or doesn't fit a certain criteria (which are purely subjective anyway).
    for example, I don't understand the restriction on friends and family. At a time when many members are wondering why there are no western portraits what could be wrong with taking portraits of people you know. Why should the picture of a Thai child teach us any more or less about the world than a photo of my mother/girlfriend? This is a silly rule , and if relaxed would help to get the faces of some more Westerners on TE, which as everybody recognizes are sadly lacking. What is wrong with having a relationship with your subject?
    I could go on but will resist.
    I won't be using the report feature unless I see something really outrageous.
  • Re: self-regulation
    <i>I don't understand the restriction on friends and family.</i>

    This restriction is to avoid TE becoming a familly album as it has happen on many photography site.
  • Re: self-regulation
    yes - but my point is what is wrong with having some more western faces here, whether they are somebodies mother/girlfriend or not. Pictures of Indian mothers are allowed (even if posted by Indians?) so why not western mothers, If members think that a photo looks like it is part of a family album then they can give it a bad critic or ignore it.
    All I am saying is that if we want more 'non-exotic' faces on TE, we will have to change the rules to allow these postings, otherwise there wont be any (why is there no canadian portrait? for example). At a time when it is more and more difficult to take candid shots of people in the west and when you are likely to get arrested if you get your camera out in public, it is unlikely that there will ever be more than a couple of western faces on TE unless we change this rule. Those that slip by the police will be censored by the TOS. Why choose to allow thousands of 'exotic' faces and then discourage any western ones?
    There are tens of thousands of useless uninteresting photos here on TE (mixed with the thousands of wonderful ones), why worry if there are a few hundred western mothers/brothers/girlfriends amongst them?
    Either that or no western faces.
  • Re: self-regulation
    The rule about not generally allowing photos of friends/family applies to everyone, including those in India and other countries.

    One of the reasons this rule exists is I believe there is a conflict of interest because I feel the photographer, by being related to the subject, will be more likely to post an uninteresting photo, however, because of the relationship, think it's just super. The same applies for pet photos. "This is my cat fluffy, isn't she the cutest?"

    "why worry if there are a few hundred western mothers/brothers/girlfriends"

    I believe there would be far, far more than that. Just visit other photo sites to see what would happen.

    Anyway, as mentioned earlier, this rule applies to anyone in any location.

    "Either that or no western faces."

    Well, that's not really true, there are quite a few documentary and other shots taken in Western countries, although as a percentage not that many.
  • Re: New TOS Violation Feature
    Well candid question: how do you recognize a family members/friend from a photo unless it is mentioned in the note ?

    I recently have one of my picture inactivated (I'm still waiting TOS'reply thouhg), I don't understand as I could see many nice animals shots here. Here the rule is not clear to everyone, I would be nice to shed some lights.